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Article provided by: Wedding Ring Originals

New York Wedding Rings

New York Wedding Rings Shop for New York style wedding rings from the area’s most trusted and widely-recognized jewelers, Wedding Ring Originals, where you’re sure to find the perfect style of ring for that special someone you’re planning to marry. If you’ve seen the rest, why not take a look at the best? WeddingRings.com has one of the largest online collections of stunning wedding and engagement rings.

Shop for Wedding Ring originals’ custom designed and hand-made New York original wedding rings and you will not be disappointed. This is a custom-manufacturer that does not believe in sizing rings, rather they hand-craft each of their original rings to the specifications of each customer. When you choose an original from the company, you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your ring being compromised during the sizing process, as your ring is manufactured to last forever.

You’ll also find world-famous designer Christian Bauer’s wedding ring collection for sale on WeddingRings.com- one of the world’s most innovative creators of rings made from precious metals and gems. You won’t find anything ordinary in the Christian Bauer collection- these are rings you simply must see with your own eyes to appreciate, therefore, we invite you to click on ‘Christian Bayer Wedding Rings’ on the left hand side of the WeddingRings.com home page.

Are you searching for something truly unique in a ring? New York vogue loves contemporary wedding rings in high tech metals, which is why the #1 wedding and engagement rings designer crafts men’s and women’s rings from Titanium, Ceramic Steel, Carbon Fiber, Tungsten Carbide, Cobalt, Zirconium, Damascus Steel, Platinum Plated Sterling, and more. These rings are available in both glossy or matte finish to complete the look. Click on High Tech Metals to see the full collection and prepare to be dazzled!

If you’ve been looking for something entirely unique, consider New York’s finest Mokume Gane Wedding Rings, created using a 17th Century Japanese technique for forging metals. Descriptions will simply not do justice to these spectacular rings. We invite you to take a closer look, where you’ll find:

- Tri-Color Gold and Shakudo Mokume
- Mokume Gane in Silver and Palladium
- Rose Gold and Shakudo
- Silver and Shakudo Raindrop
- 22k Gold, Palladium and Silver Mokume
- 18k Rose and 18k Green Woodgrain Mokume
- Traditional Tri-Color Gold
- 22k Gold and Silver Mokume
- Titanium with 14k Gold Inlay Mokume
- And many others as well

You’ll simply love everything you see from New York’s most famous wedding rings designer and manufacturer. Select from:

- Men’s Classic Wedding Rings
- Plain Rings
- Diamond Bands
- Stackable Mini Bands
- Handmade Rings
- Cobalt Chrome Rings
- Vintage Style Wedding Rings
- Celtic Rings
- Classic Bands for Him
- Precious Stone Bands
- Studio Waterfall
- Byzantine Style Rings
- Camo and Wood Rings
- And much more

Shop where New York prefers to purchase original wedding rings: WeddingRings.com makes it easy to select the perfect ring or set of rings from their online inventory, where you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. To speak with an expert jeweler about your order, please call 212-751-3940. New York Wedding Rings
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